TSP Travel

Learn about the "Tsp Travel" charge and why it appears on your credit card statement.

Also Appears on Statements As "TSP*TRAVEL 877-285-5585 NV"

First seen on July 6, 2012, Last updated on May 29, 2013

What is it?

Don't know what this charge is but my guess is a scam. Appears to be a travel company but I made no travel reservations online in April, when this was charged to my CCard account. .

I was charged for some kind of booking that I never made nor ever used.....same phone # on my cc statement. CapitolOne is investigating

Made a booking through Hotels.com. When I found the price for the hotel had dropped I contacted them regarding their price match promise. I received a refund and the refund on my credit card showed this number. The company itself is not a scam. If you received charges you did not authorize then you should contact your bank or credit card company to see if your credit/debit card has been stolen or compromised.

TSP Travel also works with Room Stays.com. I was charged in July for a room I was using in Sept but when I got to the Hotel there was NO reservation for me. What a SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

My boss had a charge for Travres*Hotel Room in his American Express. I book all of his hotel rooms, so I know I didn't go through this agency or Expedia or anything else like that. I called the number and did what others did that I have read about. I selected Option 2, and the hit # 3 times. I got a live person. Found it it was for a hotel that I booked for him at the Hawthorne Suites at Airport in El Paso. I booked through the Hawthorne Suites website, but it still showed up as Travres. Also, I always book a fully refundable room, but it charged his card on the date I booked it and not on when he checked in, which is usually how it is. This is why I couldn't figure out what it was for because he had nothing scheduled at the time the room was charged and because it wasn't under the hotel name.

This was a legitimate charge from Hotels.com for me, but it's certainly strange that 'Hotels.com' is not what shows on my bill and just a cryptic 800 number instead. Seems like they'd save themselves a lot of headaches if they made it clear where the charge came from.

That's a scam! I got a charge for $1,000+ on my credit card bank statement supposedly from Delta.com. Never ever used them. Called this number (using option 2, and ### as someone suggested) - they tried to fish for my address, card number, email, etc... Just called the bank to cancel this payment and the cards!

Mine had the same phone number in the charge. It was actually from Hotels.com and was a valid charge for a booking I made.

ANY venue a person would choose to book a hotel car or reservation - beware. For example, if you booked a room at Sheridan, by calling them directly, your bill will say Sheridan! If you used a travel service, they dang well better tell you how it will show up on your CC. OTHERWISE, FILE FRAUD IMMED..

Case in point: Dec. 29th, a charge from this 'place' shows up. No one answers their phones, it's hard to get through. I gave up and called my bank and reported fraud. Cancelled my card. Fraud forms will be sent and new card issued. I will no longer post my card information. Charge on card says TSP RERVATION COUNTER... NOT reservations, clearly Rervation - bad English and/or misspellings are a sign of possible 'issue'. First thing to do is call your card company, after you put in the phone # bring up all the 'oh no!' things you find out. Tell the card company you want to report a fraud and have them cancel your card and reverse the $. Believe me, when I tell you this is a clever way for them to confirm you are not watching your bank statement.

I will purchase a prepaid MasterCard that I can add on to JUST for such things. Suggest the same to all.

This place is really not legit. It is a phishing scam. Be careful especially in these hard times.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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Also Appears on Statements As