Free Fraud Check

Cut and Paste your Charges

To check your charge names you can copy and paste them, one per line, into the box below. Your pasted text should look like this:

PANERA BREAD #688      TROY         MI
TARGET        00024653 SAN DIEGO    CA

Do not include any dates, amounts, or any personal information. Just the charge names as above.

Instructions to download your statement will vary from credit card to credit card; this is a general outline.

  1. Log into your credit card account
  2. Click View Statement (or Account Activity or Transactions or Whatever)
  3. Click Download (or download statement or whatever)
  4. Choose the maximum date range if you can (you may have to do this once per month)
  5. Choose CSV or Excel or Spreadsheet format
  6. Click Download
  7. Open the downloaded file in Excel or another spreadsheet application
  8. Select the entire column of the charge names (they look like the grey box above)
  9. Copy the text in that column
  10. Paste that text in the box below
  11. Click "Check Charges"
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OPTION 2 (American Express and Discover only)
Check Automatically

If you have an American Express or Discover card you can enter your online credentials we'll load your charge names directly to check them for fraud.

Your credentials are transmitted securely and then cleared after querying. No personal information will be collected. Your card will never be charged.
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