Learn about the "Tsp*Rervation Counter" charge and why it appears on your credit card statement.

Also Appears on Statements As "TSP*RervationCounter - 877-283-5585, WA"

First seen on July 20, 2012, Last updated on July 11, 2013

What is it?

If you call the 877-283-5585 number, choose option 2. When they ask for the itinerary number, hit the # sign. You will have to do this about 3 times and then you will be transferred to an actual customer service rep that can look the charge up for you. Good luck!

This company charges us the price of the hotel before our stay and it more than a month in advance. I cancelled my reservation and I will never deal with companies like this for hotel booking. I will call the hotel directly; to make a reservation.

This company do a very bad reputation to the hotels. Owners / managers should withdraw from the call center. They lost customers; like me.

My reservation had been made by calling 1-866-460-7456 but the name and number on my credit card: * TRAVRES Res-Desk.com ON 1-877-283-5585.

I called the hotel and I complain about the service provided by this 3rd party and told them that they lost me as client.

In 2014 customers deserve better service from hotel managers

THANK YOU!!! to the person who posted (on 2/14/13) the way to reach a real person! Following that advice, Ichiose option #2, then pressed "#" several times in response to the itinerary request. I reached a real person, AND FOUND OUT THAT THIS WAS A LEGITIMATE CHARGE!!! I had been positive that it was a scam, but as it turns out it was indeed a valid charge, which we had forgotten about. We were amazed. Again, many thanks to the person who posted the information that allowed us to get through the STUPIDLY-designed voicemail for Travres Travel.

Reservationcounter.com Third-party vendors are any service or advertiser that is not directly sourced from the hotel. There are hundreds of these services. They use Global Distribution Systems (GDS) where hotels voluntarily place inventory and rates to resale. The GDS are designed to give third-party vendors full capabilities to book rooms. They include companies like Costco Travel, American Express Travel; advertisers like Hotwire.com, Getaroom.com, and many others, and also thousands of small businesses, including local, independent travel agents. Even major online travel agencies like Expedia and Priceline fulfill a significant percentage of their volume through this third-party inventory.

Major third-party vendors include Hotwire.com, Getaroom.com, eDreams.com, HotelTravel.com, Reservations.com, Travelocity.com, Bookit.com, Despegar.com, Jetsetter.com, Hotel.info, HotelReservations.com, OneTime.com, HotelsOne.com, amextravel.com, AMONA.com, cheaphotels.com, hotelscheap.com and many more.

This is not a fraud site.

Google "reservationcounter.com scam" for more information

I, too, called the toll free reservation line for Comfort Inn in Leeds, AL. First question I needed answered was do they accept pets? I was informed, Yes, they are pet friendly. They did tell me they were a third party booking company and I should have known better! A few minutes after hanging up, a very nice woman at the front desk of the Comfort Inn called to let me know they did NOT accept pets. She cancelled the reservation, but the charge appeared on my credit card anyway. After much hassel getting to a real person, I had the amount refunded. Next time I will call the hotel directly!

I booked a Red Roof motel room through Book It.com but when I received my credit card statement, It showed up as Travres Travel (877) 283-5585 WA. I at first thought the charge was a fraud on my credit card, because I did not recognize the name. But when I called the Red Roof Inn that I will be staying at in two weeks. They confirmed that they did have my reservation, and it was paid for, for the same amount at was on my credit card bill. So, the charge was okay. I hope this helps.

In checking our monthly bank statement charges appeared from TRAVRES*RESOUNTER.COM 877-283-5585 on 08/28/14 $680.34 and on 08/29/14 $344.77 I called and they hung up on me the first time so I called my bank and had our card flagged. I then found this site and hit #2 as suggested in one of the comments listed on this site and reached another human who searched their "database" and found on 08/28/14 Nathaniel White booked a hotel at the Staybrigde Suites of London at my expense and on 08/29/14 Paul Ram booked a stay at the Staybridge Suites of London. I however, enjoyed my weekend on the river banks here in Alabama. My bank cancelled my card and will reimburse the funds to my account thank goodness. I placed an order at the beginning of August online thru Kayak and I believe this is how my card info was stolen. BE CAREFUL!

I booked a trip through Hotwire. This company showed up for part of the charge and the rest was a major airline. The total was correct. It is not a scam, but it would be helpful if they let you know that this name would appear on your credit card statement.

If you purchase a hotel reservation through kayak.com this appears on your credit card statement. It won't appear as the hotel where you stayed.

Thanks for the phone tip....what a scam I called bookit.com and somehow ended up with travres. I was billed 2x but after 90 mins of calls to mc and finally travres I have a credit. Buyer beware!

This number is for a Central reservations office for various Apartments, the ones I use are in Toulouse. The rfeason I questioned this debit is because it had no detrails only a phone number but turned out to be legit . The lady i spoke to was very helpful and confirmed the charge, which I was querying, for me within a couple of minutes of being on the phone and also sent me a copy of the invoice whilst still talking, all confirmed and dealt with in less than 5 minutes and i didnt even have a name of traveller..

I was charged double for a Quality Hotel Inn hotel reservation: by QI and by Expedia. Had no idea how that happened, as I thought I was booking directly through the QI.

Disputed my charges on my Visa card. Didn't work. After several attempts, I was finally given a CREDIT on my Visa card by Quality Inn, and am now only having to pay the one charge to Expedia ~ however, that includes an additional $39.95 in taxes. Do NOT go through EXPEDIA!

We reserved Courtyard by Marriott thinking we were reserving directly with the chain. Didn't know it was this "company" until the charge showed up on my credit card. The front desk told me - you should have called us directly, we could have done better. But, since it's already prepaid, they probably won't make any adjustment for you."

Hello guys, i believe that the online reservations system is confusing and a bit tricky. Come to think of it hotels ,online reservations company co exist in this very competitive world. Expedia may be a big bad wolf with Trav Res the charging company, its always know before you click. the hotels under difficult circumstances would refuse to help and pass it on to booking comp, but they sure have the profits too.

I booked a motel room with a motel in Sandpoint, Idaho via the phone for Dec 24, 2012. I cancelled this within the hour via a phone call to the motel and was assured it was taken care of. I have since called the motel and there was no record of any transaction. The credit card was charged. When calling the number given on the statement, there is no recourse because there is no one to talk with. This is fraud.

Do not use sites like expedia...you may not change or cancel your reservation, even though the hotel would otherwise do this if you had booked directly with them. I booked reservation thinking I was speaking directly with the hotel and then discovered the reservation was done by expedia. the sales agent never identified them self as expedia. If you call the hotel directly you can usually get the same rate or close to it anyway and be able to cancel at the last minute with no penalities.

This company known as Travres Travel is a big scam. When I called it kept giving me the run around and different numbers to call that always disconnect. The hotel told me I booked through Expedia and they say I booked through another affiliate. My guess is not to use any of these companies, you won"t ever see a refund.

I was planning my honeymoon in Key West, FL and googled the name of the hotel we wanted to stay at. I thought I was on the Best Western Key Ambassador Resort Inn website as even the website name said Best Western. I booked a 5 night stay in May and provided a credit card number to hold the room. Everything looked fine and I got a confirmation e-mail. To my surprise today I saw that my credit card was already charged to a company called TSP EAN TRAVEL US in Bellvue, WA. WHAT?? So I made some calls and found out it was actually EXPEDIA! I was mad as nothing on the website or confirmation said I was dealing with a 3rd party. So, first I called the hotel directly and found out that it was indeed a 3rd party. I told them how irritated I was and they couldn't have been nicer. They made me a new reservation and their rate and it was $200 cheaper! They booked me the same room and told me to call the 3rd party and cancel .... I called 800-780-5727 and got a person on the first try with no hold. They cancelled my reservation, sent a confirmation and are crediting back my entire amount. Everything turned out ok, but from now on I will NEVER book anything on-line again. Lesson learned!! Hope this helps.

This is a valid charge for a travel reservation through an on-line reservation site.

I am somewhat connected with this company, in an albeit far off way. This is another company which is under expedia but they do not blatantly say that anywhere in your reservation, though most hotels may recieve a reservation that also says its expedia so some of you may contact the hotel and then get advised by the hotel to call expedia. Once you do call expedia you will not be assisted since it is through expedia but done through a sister company so all agents under expedia are unable to access your hotel record. This company operates under very many websites several of them being, bookit.com, reservationcounter.com, but all under the expedia affiliate network. Its only rarely a scam unless an agent decides to not disclose some cancellation rules on the reservation or knowingly use your credit card information, or perhaps spell your email wrongly for you not to recieve a copy. Anyway sometimes it might help to compare prices with these websites and expedia.com as 90% of the time they are usually the same.

Hi I called on this and it was legitimate, however if you are trying to get a hold of them, do what one of the above people suggested and you will get a real person...press 2 then "#" 3 times...

Sleep Inn prepayment of hotel reservation in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

These are NOT scams, they are legitimate charges for some type of travel. Though we did not book through any of the online travel sites, many regular hotel chains book their stays through affiliates that are associated with this company. They only put through a charge for one day (in our case) which is why our charge had such a discrepancy in amounts. But after calling the billing department at the hotel, my bank, and TRAVRES, we discovered it was accurate and valid.

Not sure how this happened-my husband thought he had made reservations and we had no reason to be concerned but after our vacation I went thru the billing and I realized we were charged at the hotel and by this 3rd party company. Called the company who said they were not able to help me because the hotel's system was down. I called the hotel and they said they have no record that we had already paid for the rooms so it appears that the reservation was never placed with the hotel and that is why they charged us at the time of our arrival. Now to figure out how to get our money back.

THIS IS AN ON-LINE BILLING SERVICE, AND MAY BE FOR A LEGITIMATE TRANSACTION. I didn't recognize the charge and thought I might have been the victim of a scam. It turned out that the charge was valid, an advance hotel reservation for a trip to happen 60 days out that I hadn't remembered. I had made the reservation using the telephone number on the hotel's website and had authorized the charge over the phone. That's the problem when hotels use an on-line billing service. Had this read "Doubletree Hilton," I would have recognized it. I called the number, selected option 2, then hit # and was connected to someone who looked up the charge by my name and date. ON THE OTHER HAND: THE RATE I WAS QUOTED ON THE PHONE AND TO WHICH I AGREED WAS NOT WHAT WAS CHARGED TO MY CREDIT CARD. I was quoted a discounted rate, but the full rate was charged. At this writing I await a "resolution."

I made a reservation for a Hilton Garden Inn through United.Com. I didn't realize that the reservation was non-cancelable and non-refundable. (I blame United for this.) I never thought they'd charge my account until I completed my stay. The charge on my card was for TRAVRES*hotels.united. Tax recovery charges and service fees were an unexplained $44.26. Very misleading. Won't use United again for hotels.

We thought we booked directly with our hotel, but third parites got involved somehow: Central Reservations and Expedia! We received only an itinerary number, and a hotel reference code. The charges on our cc were different from the info provided above. The charges were actually less than what we agreed. I called to confirm the rieservation with this Central place and then the hotel. The hotel did not recognize any of the numbers provided by Central. And I have to say the hotel (Renassiance Nashville) was less than forthcoming - I had to get them to look under our last name to find the reservation and only then did they provide me a confirmation number I could use if I contaced them in the future. I was warned that the hotel could do nothing with this reservation and that I would have to go back to Central for any concerns. Lesson learned - be sure you are on the hotel website and never use anything else!

seems like im one of the newest victims of TRAVRES... made a booking last 5/7/14... but didnt received a booking confirmation after i made the transaction done. i thought to check on my mail alittle later until i completely forgot about it. been charged on my credit card under TRAVRES and still no booking confirmation to date. searching for TRAVRES connection to my hotel booking showed me a list of TRAVRES scam victims testimonies. OMG!

I booked on line a room at holiday inn Glasgow airport £51was taken out of my bank account under the name Travres Hotel Room 877 283 5585 FR.I never received a reservation no so I phone the holiday inn Glasgow airport to ask why and I was told that there was no booking on their system for me .I can't understand how this has happened as I have booked this hotel a few times on line and had no problem like this before.Can't understand how this Travres has got my bank details !!! Help I have tried to get in touch with this Travres company but keep coming to a dead end...not a happy bunny!!!!

If you're researching hotels through an aggregator like expedia and choose to call the hotel for more information, the number listed on the aggregator site is NOT the number for the hotel. If you call that number, they will pretend to be at the hotel (and will even answer as if they were the hotel even though they're thousands of miles away) because it is the only way for them to get their commission. There's an easy way around this, of course. Before calling, just google the hotel and use the number on the hotel site. You may even be able to negotiate a slightly better deal, and you'll certainly get a better room because the hotel needs to please you to get paid. If you book through the aggregator, the hotel has been prepaid and has no incentive to help you. After a subpar experience, you'll see the TRAVRES note on your credit card bill. That's hindi for 'you got punked, dude'

I had a charge show up from TRAVRES via booking a hotel through united airlines. Fyi.

This was a charge for a hotel stay that we booked. We thought (I am sure like others) that we were calling the hotel directly - but nope. So to make a long story short - we were charged in US dollars for a call we made directly to a Canadian hotel in Timmins Ontario. Not only did we over pay for the room - we then had to swallow the currency exchange. Very misleading and totally shady.

I booked through Hampton Inns web site directly, was charged by both Hampton and Travres for the same dates and am know fighting with Travres to get a credit. They claim to only have my reservations under them(travres) yet Hampton confirms my stay at a lesser rate. Something is not adding up. This company is no help on the phone and will dispute the charges if they don't pony up. I recommend to book on the phone instead of the website because no one will take blame for this.

I found Travres to be more of a lame company than a fraudulent one. They never sent us an email confirmation. We had to have our bank call them to prove the transaction had been made. Travres then verified to the bank that reservations had been made. We had to jump through several hoops in order to discover that no scam had taken place. That said, the poor service was notable.

TRAVRES took my information over the phone two times for a reservation at Motel 6 in Lexington VA and said they were having computer issues and it didn't go through. They explained there was no refund once the reservation was made. After 22 minutes on my cell phone with them I still did not have a confirmation number or reservation. The guy offered to give me Motel 6's phone number to call them directly. I told him no and confirmed that I did NOT have a reservation there, which he confirmed. I actually told him I felt like I was being scammed. No surprise when I returned home and there was a $82.00 charge on my credit card from TRAVRES*RESCOUNTER.COM. When I contacted them they said that Motel 6 charged them because I was a "No Call No Show." I called Motel 6 directly and the manager said he remembered me calling three times making excuses why I didn't show up. They are scam artists together. I am disputing the charges through my credit card company.

Someone hacked my credit card, booked online through this website, THIS IS A SCAM , FRAUD, be mind, this website never secure , never request for pin no before accepting CC, watch out, I LOST ALMOST AUS 5,000.00!!!!! Beware all

I asked for a specific hotel but found out later was given one in a completely different city. The room was supposed to have a specific set of amenities and was beach front. Come to find out, it's in the middle of the city and no where near the beach. The price was given at a specific amount, yet the charge was for something different. The card number required was to hold the room; instead, I was charged the full amount, which was just shy of $400. An email confirming all of this information was supposed to be provided. It's been three days and I've yet to see it. Asking for assistance was a joke. The customer service rep laughed, refused to put my call through to a manager and then would not give me her name. The hotel now shows the room was rented and cancelled but the money is completely gone and surprise, surprise. There is no way to retrieve it or get my money back.

I was concerned about what this charge was as well. My first attempt to call them went nowhere and I was always cut off. Then I followed the post above that said press option 2 and hit # three times. I was connected to someone and found out it was for a future reservation I had four months down the road at the Ramada. So, it is a legitimate charge! Stupid system though. You'd think they would change it.

TRAVRES*RESOUNTER.COM 877-283-5585 ON appeared on my credit card statement. Not knowing what that charge was for, I checked and it was OK. The charge referred to a reservation I made directly on the Alt Hotel (part of the W Hotels chain) website. As it happens, this reservation was not refundable. From what I have read below, that could explain why the charge was made payable to TRAVRES. I hope this helps.

After booking air travel on Hotwire, we received credit card bill with Travres 877-283-5585 charge for $204. After contacting credit card company, we found the charge was for travel insurance. The airline tickets were listed under the specific airline we selected, but, the travel insurance was billed as Travres Evidently Hotwire funnels travel insurance to Travres* in Washington.

This was very helpful. I followed the instructions and instead of being on perpetual hold, I got through to a customer service person. Same thing. I thought I was booking a high-end hotel in Atlanta directly through them but was rerouted to this weird interaction where it felt like a guy in a back alley was trying to sell me some "real" watches. He kept evading my requests for a room block with the event I am attending then finally said, yes, this is your block, this is your best block, quoted me a lower rate, then proceeded to charge my credit card the full amount. I said, no, I don't want a prepaid room, I want my room block reservation for this event. He said, we don't do that. I asked, you don't provide room reservations that are not prepaid? He said, no, we don't. I thought that was very strange. Today, Chase Bank Fraud Alert calls me, because someone at this number is trying to run a much higher charge through my credit card than the charge would have been had I even booked with them. So frustrating. I alerted the event coordinator that had the 800 number on their website for attendees, and I alerted the hotel. I got a we know nothing response from calling this number. Sorry, we can't help you. So, I said, fine, I will let Chase Bank Fraud Protection take care of it. Be Aware!

In planning our trip, we "googled" Marriott Hotels. We thought we were on the Marriott website (very misleading) and called the number on the website to make two reservations. We thought we were speaking directly to Marriott--again very misleading. When our credit card statement came, we were charged for one hotel stay by both Travres*Rescounter.com 800-219-4606 and Marriott. When I called 800-219-4606 received a message "No longer a working number." Thanks to this message board, I was able to contact Travres. The issue was resolved. Travres called Marriott and supposedly Marriott is going to refund their charge. Geez, BE CAREFUL!! Make certain you read the entire url on a website. Their link begins with Marriott Hotels and then after the forward slashes is their company. We feel we were misled as we thought the entire time we were making reservations we were dealing directly with Marriott. This company knows every trick in the book to mislead the consumer.

They never sent a confirmation email. The motel won't give you a travel receipt, because your credit card gets charged by TRAVRES. It would have been $30/night cheaper to deal directly with the hotel. This is a scam.

This is legit if you book a hotel that is non-refundable, up front charge..in my case Embassy Suites

In my case we finally figured out that it's the charge for hotel paid for over the phone. Normally we use Expedia or Hotels.com, etc. so we had to do a bit of research to find it. It was a valid charge.

This was a charge for a hotel stay that we booked. We thought (I am sure like others) that we were calling the hotel directly - but nope. So to make a long story short - we were charged in US dollars for a call we made directly to a Canadian hotel in Timmins Ontario. Not only did we over pay for the room - we then had to swallow the currency exchange. Very misleading and totally shady.

I looked here because I got a CREDIT to my checking account that I was not expecting. It was for a hotel booking I cancelled.

This is a scam!!! I phoned Hampton inn direct and was quoted $108.00 plus tax for a room at Sturbridge mass. for new years eve. I decided not to make a reservation as I was a 12 hr. drive from there and not sure if I could make the trip on time. A few hours later I decided I would make the reservation and and went online at hamptoninns.com and and was advised the price went up to $114.oo plus tax and was non refundable. I thought I was talking to a Hampton inn rep but in fact (I found out when I checked in) that I was talking to EXPEDIA. Apparently EXPEDIA has the copyright to Hamptoninns.com and to contact Hampton you must contact HAMPTONINNS without the .com My total bill was $144.00 so I was obviously ripped off. I advise against making reservations other than the motel you are booking and ensure that it is the motel and not one of these scammers.

This was a charge for a hotel stay that we booked. We thought (I am sure like others) that we were calling the hotel directly - but nope. So to make a long story short - we were charged in US dollars for a call we made directly to a Canadian hotel in Timmins Ontario. Not only did we over pay for the room - we then had to swallow the currency exchange. Very misleading and totally shady.

Had 2 charges on my credit card listed as "TRAVRES 114..." Called the number indicated. Hit option #2 and got through to a very courteous person right away. It was a legitimate charge for booking a hotel room for 2 nights. Not sure why my wife did not go through the hotel directly, as we typically do.

Our credit union contacted us about a possible problem with our card, which proved to be Travres. We made no reservations or travel plans of any sort, but they tried to charge about $2000 to our card. Little did they know that we have a credit limit of $300! Thanks to the alert, they've been blocked from our card, and as a precaution, our current cards have been deactivated and we're getting new ones.

Had over $300 withdrawn from my bank account without my permission. Tried calling this travres place AND the hotel this had been booked at and couldn't get a refund, neither was willing to help me. Got put on hold several times. Got my bank involved and they agreed to refund my $$.

The travres said something about a chelsea harris using my card number. What I don't understand is HOW this website/scammer got my credit card info.

Someone needs to come up with a foolproof way for credit card info to be actually protected. This is absolute BS.

A scam - a ripoff - same situation as last entry. Credit card company is unwilling to disput it, although this is my first dispute as well. You try to call the number on the creditcard and its an endless loop, automated voices saying you have to consult their website which does not exist.

A ripoff that appeared on my Credid card. My charge appeared as "TSP*RErvationCountEr" EXACTLY, mispelling(s) and upper/lower case included. Telephone number also appeared as "800-219--4606 WA". Visa is trying to wriggle out of reimbursement, though this is my first dispute in 25 YEARS! I will soon change cards, needless to say, and I'm sure they couldn't care less.

First off, I thought I was dealing directly with the hotel - that is what they told me - but it turned out that it was hotelplanner.com. They pulled a Bait-And-Switch.

HOTELPLANNER.COM is a RIP-OFF!!! We paid (IN FULL, according to our receipt) nearly $2,200.00 for hotel rooms for 5 nights for our employees in Las Vegas. After traveling for nearly 18 hours they arrived at the hotel (Circus-Circus) only to be told that there would be an additional charge of over $200.00 for a "resort fee" that they had to pay. Keep in mind that they had a receipt that specifically stated that their room charges were "PAID IN FULL". The rate offered by hotelplanner.com, at that point, was no longer competitive; in fact it was more than the rate offered by two other better-known booking sites.

Calling their customer service number, that appeared on our credit card bill, was an exercise in frustration. After six attempts I finally got a person. I explained the situation and the English-as-a-second-language customer service representative said that, "...somewhere on their web site there was a disclaimer stating that there may be additional fees charged by the hotel." I said that I had booked by phone and she said it didn't matter, that it was on their web site, but that it was also on the receipt. I asked her to email me a copy of our receipt (since the receipt was with the travelers already in Vegas). I was told that it would take three to four hours to email it to me even though she was looking at it on her computer so she could go over the information with me.

I asked to speak to her supervisor and was put through to another English-as-a-second-language woman who immediately told me there was nothing she could do. She would not allow me to speak and talked over me when I tried to explain the situation.

I asked for the number of their corporate office and she said that, for security reasons, she was unable to give me that number. She said all she could do was give me the email address to customer service, but she assured me that there was nothing they could do to fix the situation. I asked for her supervisor and she told me that there was no one higher up than her. I asked if she was the president or CEO of the company and she said, again, that for security purposes, the name of that person could not be provided. She told me that if I did not change my tone that she was going to hang up on me. I was not using profanity, but I was being very firm with her. In the end they refused to do anything about the extra fee and we had to pay it.

DO NOT TRUST THIS BOOKING SERVICE! THEY ARE A RIP OFF!!!!! Be extremely careful when booking through the internet and use only the better-known sites like Experian or Kayak. Hotelplanner.com people lie. They will lead you to believe that they are with the hotel, not a brokerage service. Their rates look low, but there are undisclosed, hidden fees that take the prices over the more straight-forward sites. NEVER AGAIN!!!

Delta airlines also uses this travel agent for their hotel bookings through their website.

I've never been charged for a hotel as soon as I made the reservation. I've stayed at this hotel many, many times in the past. This is the last time I will be conned into booking through a third party.

Expedia uses TRAVRES under cheaphotels.com. to handle a category of hotels that do not want their rates know. This is risky because Expedia states you may not change or cancel your reservation, even though the hotel would otherwise do this if you had booked directly with them.

This company does not disclose they are a third party booking agent. Instead they disguise themselves as the hotel chain itself. I discovered this within minutes of making a booking and called back to cancel and they would not refund all my money. While they have processed the original booking to my credit card, they have yet of send me a confirmation of the cancellation or issue a refund. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM - USE THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK!! GO DIRECT TO THE HOTEL AND YOU WILL GET A BETTER PRICE!!

this is hotel.com

Thanks to 02-14-2013 for the automated help. they got my reservation wrong. one of three room's booked for one night only with their extra service fees the charges came out close to what I had been quoted by the hotel desk when I was shopping for the rooms. never gave it a second thought even when they instantly billed my CC. Never received the confirmation emails(my bad for not calling back) I did call the hotel a week before arrival and they said they had three rooms under my name again my bad for not getting confirmation they were for three nights each. Never again! Buyer beware!

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