Learn about the "Steampowered.Com 425 8899642 Us " charge and why it appears on your credit card statement.

Also Appears on Statements As "STEAMPOWERED.COM BELLEVUE WA"

First seen on April 27, 2012, Last updated on December 23, 2014

What is it?

This is a charge made to a company called Steam, a leading platform for playing, discussing and creating games. Millions of users around the world can play nearly 30,000 games, get exclusive deals, automatic game updates and other perks. Steamworks is the set of tools and services that help game developers and publishers distribute their games on Steam.

Why this charge may appear on your card

You're likely seeing this charge because you made a payment to Steam. If you didn't make this payment, it's possible someone else did, which may be an early indication of fraud.

What can you do?

If you don't recognize the charge, you can contact your bank or credit card company and dispute the charges and try to recover the money. Your credit card should have a phone number on the back you can call for customer service.

Community Feedback

When you purchase a computer game from the popular gamer website Steam, this charge identifier appears on your paper or online account statement.

If some little group of scammers are using some state of the art system to get credit card information then why are they using it for and not buying various other things of monetary value? There has to be a connection between this company and the individuals getting CC information! Further more, if this a legitimate company and they are selling a product then they would have mailing information to the ones buying their product. Call your local Secret Service field office to report this and they have the means to track these fockers and make a case. This is a very sophisticated operation and not a bunch of kids, trust me! Be proactive and let the Secret Service know so they can do what they are paid for and thats protect US currency exchanges.

got charged on my card $29.99 for games that I did not purchase. Credi company called me to confirm that this was fraud. Apparently a lot of people are having this problem.

I am 81 Yrs. old and don't play those games-I never even heard about this Company--I had $1094.00 taken out of My account

Any company that does not validate information regarding card transactions over the phone is as much to blame as the person stealing the card information in the first place. You not only charged my card several times in 1 day which is kind of odd in the first place. But did not verify any information at all. My bank has stopped payment on the orders placed I'm sure you aren't out anything which is a shame the minute you start loosing money I'm sure it will stop. This company as a lot of posts on other sites talking about the same thing.

I woke up on Sunday 12/22/14 to find that I had received 2 emails from my bank stating that I had completed 2 online purchases at for $39.99 each. I have never heard of this website nor would I even use this website since I don't do online gaming. I called my bank and filed a fraud report and had my card cancelled immediately. Not sure how this individual got all my debit card information to even process this sale but glad I have my bank email me on all purchases made on my debit card.

Scammed. I want to see these fuck heads go to jail. I go on holidays, use my credit card at the airport, then come home to whacks of fraudulent charges. I think the police need to shut down this business.

I was hit with three $100.00 dollar charges twice which I did not make. Google map shows one address as a UPS store in a mall and the other address is a vacant lot. Credit Card Scam written all over this

multiple charges on my credit card dated 06-14-2014. Were not from me. Credit card is cancelled. Site is a scam.

I seem to be yet another victim. I had 8-charges of 100.00 from this site at 1am in a row. I do not play games and I was sleeping. It actually hit both my husbands and my CC. Our bank caught it. What a pain. You obviously have this happening over and over. I think an investigation should be done.

I also had charges applied to my bank account from and I have never used this service but obviously someone obtained my credit card info and attempted a purchase. I noticed this Contacted my bank who informed me of the process. You must wait until the charges actually debit and are not just pending In the meantime try to contact the company. Which as most have probably realized, is nearly impossible.. first you must set up a "support account" then submit a ticket by contacting support. There is no phone number. It must be done by ticket. When submitting your "ticket" or "asking a question" use Product (type in free hand)"Product not listed" (I had to type in every letter of alphabet to find a product listing.....frustrating), Category pick - "Purchases and payments", and then - "purchase failure". On the support site it lists information you must send them. Make sure to keep copies of all your correspondence and responses as well as your charges on your account. If you need to go thru bank channels it could be up to 90 days for charges to be reimbursed.

My credit card was charged $100 dollars at a time for $800 in just a few minutes. I have no kids in my house and I have always had my card with me. I have never played games. Extra security needs to be added to your site. Your current security is obviously not working!!! The sites were STEAMPOWERED.COM and STEAMGAMES.COM

Fraud department employee of a major bank here. Steam is a valid merchant and one of, if not the largest, PC game merchants in the world. The business is not "in on it", please don't call the FBI or secret service. Just call your bank and report the fraud. Criminals use several means to steal card info, from online malware to skimming devices, to (in simple terms) a random credit card number generator (randomly attempts card numbers until it finds one that works and runs with it). The bank cannot easily "prevent" fraud. Hard to stop a random number generator from landing on your card number. The best the bank can do is put in algorithms to attempt to decline suspicious transactions when they appear. But again, being one of the largest most popular video game merchants in the world, it can be difficult. As far as on Steam's side, all they see is a card being entered to buy a gift card or game code which the criminals will sell for a profit. There are full time criminals out there stealing card info as their full time jobs. Be mad at them. Don't take it out on your bank, don't take it out on Steam. They are the ones taking the loss here. You will get all of your money refunded and the banks charge the losses back to the business.

My debit card was charged for $500 in just under 3 minutes. A total of 5 transactions. I really needed this cash to pay for my daughter 's tuition fees. Damn this steamgames Web. Can't anyone do anything about it.? Example of a transaction Your Debit Card #**3702 was charged for USD 99.99 at STEAMGAMES COM 4259522~527021000204257~Bellevue~ 840 on 20220412 at 03:15. For Details call 19666.

To the person who posted on 12/03/2013...someone is also working on the inside of this have so many unauthorized transactions? come on, Einstein...think about it

I just had my credit card blocked and a couple of days ago. There was a charge from for a hundred. There were two more charges from steamgames that the bank blocked. One was for another $100 and then they had the balls to try for $10,000 Sounds like teen age hackers to me, adults would not be so experienced with facts of life to try to charge more than likely one time daily limits.

we don't play video games and I don't know how you can bill for something we didn't order or buy? is a legit company (it's Steam for those people who play computer games). The fact that you received a bill from Steam doesn't mean that this is a scam. I can think of three possible explanations:

  1. You forgot that you actually bought something on Steam (maybe for someone else);

  2. One of your relatives used your credit card without your knowledge;

  3. Your credit card is compromised and being potentially abused by gangs of 13 year old Counter Strike players - contact your bank!

The simplest explanation is almost always the correct explanation. Secure financial transactions in the US lag behind the rest of the industrialized world because the customer has no legal rights. Think about this in November 2020.

People who post on here need to stop being stupid and blaming Steam for the fraudulent charges. Someone--a physical human being--somewhere, entered in YOUR card information. Steam didn't somehow steal it out of your pocket and made you start buying games. Check with your children first, otherwise your card information has been stolen. Cancel the card and get a new one with your card provider. Your card provider should have some sort of fraud protection, to be able to stop payments and give the money back to you.

I knew several kids when I was younger who took their parents' cards, or entered in random numbers until they happened to have a legitimate card number, and used that to buy games. Security is much tighter nowadays, but there's a lot of ways people can steal your information. Did you know that if someone's intelligent enough, they can steal your card information from the electronic chip in it with their phones just by walking past you? Yeah. And the longer you keep using the same card that THEY HAVE THE INFORMATION FOR, the more money you lose.

Steam IS a legitimate and safe-to-use website and program. I've been using it for nearly ten years and have never had a single issue.

Added my credit card on itunes and creating an Apple ID, to redeem a 2 card for 20 dollars as I intended to buy words with friends to get rid of unwanted adds and my wife likes to play Candy Crush, but she never buys any clues. Now I have received 3 unathourised transactions totalling 287 AUD, when I went to support and tried to create an account it said I already had one. I have not played any online games, except for free games on an Ipad. 49.99
STEAM 49.99

Mysterious charges on my personal bank account back to back while at work.

I HAVE NEVER USED STEAM. Cancelled bank card disputing bank charges with bank. 3-13-15 Few days to hear anything. Only connection I've made so far is my packages shipping from Seattle Washington on and multiple complaints over fraud card statements showing STEAMPOWERED. Com Seattle Washington . Look I'm hip been around for a minute, and I'm telling you thiefs are banking on selling game pin numbers. Hey here's an idea stop arresting people for smoking sweet ganja and arrest them for fraud .


I had a similar charge of 29.99 that appeared on my amex. This happened one day after I purchased from a company called projectorquest and they canceled my order. They charged my amex and than credited it. But this Steam charge happened right around the same time this was happening. It could be that someone who is in charge of crediting cards are also making purchases with them. Anyone else deal with projectorquest or bizrate and have the Steam charges?

$495 made of fraudulent purchases. Police report filed.

3 charges for 205.00 has been applied to my credit card. I'm contacting the BBB and also the police department to file charges. If I have to I will find someone even higher up to listen to what all these people have posted. Your company needs some serious revamping or closed for fraud. You need to come up with a way to know whether the people making these charges on the accounts are really who the accounts belong too. I want the charges removed from my card immediately. I have called your complaint department. I have never heard of any company running without someone to answer the phone on complaints. Let's just see if you actually your little statement on the phone said you would. is Valve Company and their contact # is 425-889-9642. When you call it says to press option 7 if you have questions regarding charges made to your card. They ask you to leave your name, phone number and last 4 digits of your card # and someone from billing will contact you within 48 hours. I did leave a message, but not my credit card info.

246.00 was charge twice to my account. I do not play are purchase game or software.i am going to file a police report and report to bbb because it seems that this act has been going on with a lot of costumers all over the country. these sites are rig to buy you time to collect Ok. First off. Yes some of these reports could be someone (physically) stealing card information or their child. You don't need to be soooo rude to people about it as you are defending the company. 2 When a company does fraudulent things they DON"T DO IT TO EVERY CARD or EVERY PERON! that would be stupid and make them look bad. 3 Being band from the site for asking for a refund thro the bank or "charging them back" is... you guessed it, part of being Fraudulent. So, some of us HAVE been scammed by this company! It sucks and whether it's the company it's self or a person working there makes no difference. The point is it was authorized for 1 purchase. It was not agreed to pay more then that. that in and of itself = fraud. They are not returning phone calls, which anyone will tell you insinuates Fraud! I'm sure the company is legit but that doesn't mean something isn't happening here. Too many of us have the same story here. That's not a coincidence. If it's not the "Companies" fault then there is obviously someone hacking their site/or works/worked for them and that is still their problem to find and fix. They should be aware of what's happening as reviews like these will hurt their company's rep & their customer returns. If you are being charged & you know it's not someone in your household, Yes report it. to the bank and make a police report if you'd like so it's documented & will force the company to look into things further. Hope this helps some of you & I apologize for those who have been super rude and down right mean in their "helpful" comments, cause no one else will. and thank you for warning others.

Found unauthorized charge on my card today and it came from your company. Your company is as responsible as the individual creating fraud. Your business needs shut down or changed. If you can't do it, then the government or some individual should. If I lived close enough, I'd be glad to show up and burn the place down since the law and the company isn't putting a stop to the fraud. Either you as the company put a stop to the fraud happening through your company, or I encourage anyone out there to do it by what ever means necessary.

If you have had a fraudulent charge on your card, call your credit card company. You will want to know if there have been any other fraudulent charges; it's rarely only one.

1-425-889-9642 this is the phone number of steam games, steam powered they are stealing money from my account. Unauthorized charges. They will continue to do it also. you will have to cancel your card and replace it.

On April 18th, my wife's debit card was used by someone to charge $14.99 to and two days later there was another charge for $59.99 from Neither myself nor my wife play video games and we do not have children. No purchases we made by her on this card for 2 weeks prior to the fraudulent charges being made so I so not believe that either of these websites acted as a CC processor for any transaction that is not game related. I Contacted the bank and disputed charges and cancelled the card associated with the account. I also contacted to let them know that I don't recognize the charges are that they are being contested, but have yet to hear back from them. I have no clues or opinion about who might have taken the credit card info or how they got it.

This is a legitimate site. I've used Steam for 8 years now, but my credit card company wanted me to verify a charge here since it was the first time buying something with my new card. If someone's finding fradulent charges to this site, then it's most likely from someone getting the CC # else where and simply wanting to buy computer games with that information. It's not a lack of security on Steam's part.

You might have bought or downloaded a app from kindle like me or online criminals are buying the games and reselling them on websites I just got taken for 100 dollars best bet is to cancel your card right away. Good luck.

Scammed. I want to see these fuck heads go to jail. I go on holidays, use my credit card at the airport, then come home to whacks of fraudulent charges. I think the police need to shut down this business.

wife used her card at the childrens place retail store on 10/16/2015 when she checked bal on 10/18/2015 she had 2 charges for 29.99 and 1 for 79.99 all to place call steamgames and

On 3/17/20 I bought a steam card and I went to use and it was telling me that it was used already and I DIDN'T GET TO USE IT so I'm asking to to find out what time and date it was used

Someone has been using my credit card to buy games without my authorisation.

To all those saying this is a fraud company: Steam is a completely legitimate company! Some other person must have gotten a hold of your card details and made unauthorized charges to purchase games.

2 charges on my card today from STEAMPOWERED.COM for $14.99 each. I did not make these purchases.They used my paypal debit card # illegally.Got it sorted, thank God! I hope they fry in hell.

i also got charged on my debit card from I never heard of the website before. what do I do? cannot create an account. too confusing.

Just been hit multiple times on 19/4/15 amounting to thousands being debited from my mastercard. The silly thing is I reported it the day its was pending and cancelled my card - but the bank went ahead and processed them anyway? I will not rest until I am refunded fully

Received call from Wells Fargo fraud dept questioning $59.99 charge from WF was on top of this contacted me as soon as it appeared, if they catch the A H will prosecute.

I have been charged for 2x $ 49.08 by bellevue seattle,now my question is to the banks,they are obviously aware of these fraudulant charges by previous reports so why do they not contact the cc holder to confirm ligit purchase after all if you can not stop online hacking of credit cards then,every person who has a cc should cancel it and maybe then you will find a better way to protect us from online fraud by what might just be little geeks who should be punished by law once found.

On 3/17/20 I bought a steam card and I went to use and it was telling me that it was used already and I DIDN'T GET TO USE IT so I'm asking to to find out what time and date it was used

3 $100.00 charges only seconds apart at 1:30Am. No kids and I don't play video games. This seems to be a longtime problem with this company, I am going to file a police report for fraud.

I received two 100$ charges on my credit card without authorization from STEAMPOWERED.COM BELLEVUE USA. Luckily, my credit card company monitors my charges and issues an alert to the possibility of charges. I received an email from my CC company at 230am when I was sleeping and then in the day received two calls from them to advise. I don't play online games that are for purchase. My credit card company has filed a dispute. I also have no children and no other party has access or authorization to use the card.

Just had to cancel my credit card due to $500 of fraudulent purchases made to this site (yesterday). I have never purchased anything at this site (or any other gaming site for that matter as my husband and I don't game, and have no children).

Would be nice for this company to implement more stringent security checks for credit card purchases.

Just got hit for two charges @ $39.00 each. Caught these charges while in pending status. Cancelled my card. Hopefully I get refunded by my bank with out having to jump through hoops. AND NO I DID NOT order any games from this company nor have I ever... seem like these are computer geeks hacking your card to by computer games...put your freedom at risk for computer games? You have to bee a geek.

Stop selling games without authorization

I have several charges on my credit card which are fraudulent. I want this money fully refunded, along with any bank fees, and I also want to know who has been making these purchases.

My American Express card was charged $5.00 on Nov. 12 from Bellview, WA. I reported it as a fraud and am getting a new card. It pays to check you credit card accounts often.

I've never heard of this site until 7/23 when i check my Capital One MasterCard & seen an unauthorized purchase from "" for $18.99 then today, a week later 7/30, two more unauthorized purchases for $10 from the website stated previously & "" I hardly play games, yet alone on the computer. Y'all have a SERIOUS issue that's apparently been going on for YEAAARS. I hope the bastards behind this are stopped.

This seams to be a theme with Discover Card and this steam company.

paying a bill online when i saw a charge for $499. not sure what kind of security u mooks have but u need to get it fixed.

From July 3 to July 19 traudulent charge for 908.20 has been billing onto my credit card without my authorisation for game purchases I have not made. Someone has been using my credit card to buy games without my authorisation. Can you help find out who charges these? I would like the company money refunded.

I got my credit card statement in ( Bank of America) and saw a charge for 100.00 for, I called my credit card company and cancelled my card. This business need to be stopped.

got charged on my card $29.99 for nine times games that I did not purchase. Credi company called me to confirm that this was fraud.

My card has been used without authorisation. Somebody bought a game for $5.38, which appeared on my statement.I want this money refunded as I couldn't complete a transaction.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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