Learn about the "Steamgames.Com 425 952 2985 Gbr" charge and why it appears on your credit card statement.

Also Appears on Statements As "STEAMGAMES.COM 425-889-9642 GB"

First seen on January 8, 2014, Last updated on May 19, 2022

What is it?

This is a charge made to a company called Steam, a leading platform for playing, discussing and creating games. Millions of users around the world can play nearly 30,000 games, get exclusive deals, automatic game updates and other perks. Steamworks is the set of tools and services that help game developers and publishers distribute their games on Steam.

Why this charge may appear on your card

You're likely seeing this charge because you made a payment to Steam. If you didn't make this payment, it's possible someone else did, which may be an early indication of fraud.

What can you do?

If you don't recognize the charge, you can contact your bank or credit card company and dispute the charges and try to recover the money. Your credit card should have a phone number on the back you can call for customer service.

Community Feedback charged me around 500 eur splitted in lower amounts. The transactions made in Japanese yen!

I look at my accounts almost daily. Today a change pending in the amounts of $39.99 (x2) from and I didn't even bother calling the number for steam games I called my bank right away and they sent me a new card and refunded me the charges. I have never played any games through steam games, they just seem like a fraudulent organization. I just got a new card from my bank from the Target stores hack, wonder where they got this one from... Just call your bank tell them it's fraud and get a new card.

It is most likely not Steamgames who is committing's someone who has obtained your credit card or debit card number and used it to purchase something online that is fulfilled by the company. I've had this happen several times. My bank now sends texts to me whenever a charge has been attempted for any online purchase and I can authorize or decline the charge. (Just happened this AM.) Keep in mind - credit and debit card numbers are easy to steal! You don't have to make a purchase online to have them stolen. You may have swiped your card through a fake scanner at a gas station pump, or a store cashier or restaurant waiter could have easily copied the card info, or your info was obtained when another merchant's account was hacked. (Like Target, last year.) My complaint is that most online companies don't require enough information about the card owner, thus making fraudulent purchases easier.

On June 2, 2016, my card was put on hold by my bank because 10 $100 charges were incurred via steamgames. So yeah, $1000. The (425) number associated with them was provided by my card holder. Here's the astounding part: the very second option on their recorded message is, "If you need to report fraudulent charges, leave a message..." So these assholes know damn well that they are facilitating fraud, yet they refuse to put in place increased security measures. Been going on for quite some time from my reading. I am extremely careful with security on my computer and use of my card, as it was skimmed only 9 months ago. I am contacting Washington state authorities and the FTC to see what can be done.

I have six charges, 2 x $1 and 4 x $50 on my credit card the past two days from 4259522985. This is fraud. Only my wife and I in the house and we don't game at all. Called my banks fraud department and cancelled the card. Wonder where they got my card details from?

I actually have a kiddo that has played, and I have made 2 $5 purchases. I had the same thing happen as many of you above...I was charged $100 twice. One charge dropped off and one charge went through. I confirmed the money was never applied to the game account and I was the only one that made 2 $5 purchases. I feel bad for all of you that have been taken for so much money. I never was able to even leave a voicemail on their number. I made a dispute with my bank and they are disputing it with Steamgames

I have charges on my debit card from this company and I do not have any gamers in my house. They charged 85.84 at 11:49 am and again at 11:50. The company then charged my account at 11:52am for 171.36 and again at 11:53. My bank automatically rejected the 5th charge and then called me to let me know. This company is committing fraud and I have contacted the police and my bank is in the process of contacting the FBI because I am not alpne. Apparently this is a huge problem for Regions Bank.

Woke up this morning 2/23/2022, to my bank's Fraud Prevention Department contacting me over 2, $100 charges from this FRAUDULENT Company"steam games" . What a bullshit company. NEVER even visited their website before, NOT into gaming and I suspect these assholes are not either! My ban''s Fraud Prevention Department is "handling it"... If I could get my hands on one of these folks I would beat them senseless!!

Checked my account and noticed a charge of $6.99 pending for a 06/03/23 release date to; 4255959425. I called the number (based out of Washington state) and got a voice mail message for someone named Jordan...not the company name. Called my bank to report and was confirmed as fraud. So getting a new card.

150.00 remove from debt card on two separate transactions. First time hearing about Bellevue WA

The people complaining that Steam makes you contact them via email instead of over the phone, and then ranting about how Steam "must be a fraudulent company/is facilitating fraud", are providing the best example for why modern internet-based companies design their systems so that all service is done by email.

When people call up about things like credit card fraud, they are generally angry, and spend 95% of their time on the phone ranting and raving and abusing the poor sod working the phone lines. 5% of the time is spent actually providing relevant information so that the issue can be dealt with. No well-led company would permit this level of inefficiency, and no decent employer unnecessarily subjects their employees to the kind of abuse dished out by disgruntled callers. By directing service requests, including reporting fraud, to email, a worker can be many times more efficient and deal with issues much more quickly without having to also act as an untrained therapist to those who probably need one.

For those who have no idea what Steam is, raving on about them being corrupt or facilitating fraud - they're the largest video game retailer on the internet. They don't need or want the money from the basement-dwellers who are racking your credit card numbers, nor are they responsible for it. It's so easy to set up two-factor authentication for your credit and debit cards these days that if your card details get stolen and used it's most likely due to your own neglect of your card security - especially if you've been burned already and STILL neglect to set up security. I know being defrauded is upsetting, but take it out on the people defrauding you, not Steam. Its not their fault and as others have noted, they're actually quite good at dealing with it if you bother emailing them.

P.S. the card thieves likely aren't buying games or in-game purchases to play or use them. They can be resold on eBay, Amazon and other auction sites - it's probably one of the easier ways to turn stolen CC purchases into cash. If anyone is enabling this process, it's eBay and Amazon, not Steam.

Good afternoon my name is Timothy Mercer from the Dayton ohio area my DEbit card was hacked last night and used towards your business to purchase items totalling $499.38 the account has been closed and a complete through investigation by law enforcement authorities is being turned over to the Seattle Police Dept. a message was left on your recorded line of my phone number and name.

Got the same problem but the numbers were different. I got charged 3 different times all within the same day which is today for a total of 85$ in total. i just send in a ticket and a VM asking them to get my money back. now how do you avoid this? first when you call them make sure you tell them to block your card number so if anyone tries to use your card on their platform it will be automatically rejected. second of all everyone needs to know they are not fraud you. you have to keep in mind that yes games are usually 19.99 and so on and usually having 60 flat charges are unusual for games. BUT you STEAM HAS GAMES THAT HAVE IN GAME CURRENCY THAT YOU CAN BUY THAT USUALLY ROUND UP OR DOWN TO HAVE A FLAT RATE! meaning your card information was probably stolen from a weblink,malware,store,atm and used to buy either a GAME(usually has $XX.99 and etc) or IN GAME CURRENCY(usually a flat rate or price $30 or etc) so keep in mind that steam is not sucking you of your money and its the people who have taken your info.

You can get your information stole by -opening a weblink -making purchases to a sketchy place -ATM (can get a swiper on them that scans your info! watch out for atms that are in places that are not banks) -viruses(MALWARE) CLEAN YOUR COMPUTER USE MALWAREBYTES


How to avoid this from happening again. -watch where you buy things either from online or in person at a store -never save your card info! even on trusted stores like amazon(people can hack your computer from far away and get access to everything) -watch where you connect wifi (coffee stores and restaurants. people will wait to send you viruses via WIFI)(USE A VPN) -ask VALVE/STEAM to block your old/new card from ever being used.(if someone tries to use your card again it will be rejected because its been blocked by steam) -add permission everytime you or someone tries to make a purchase online have the power to deny or accept it.

USEFUL LINKS malware protection: (use freetrial) STEAM contact info: 425-889-9642 (phone # toll free) (their website for support)

so in the end keep in mind that steam is NOT stealing your money. just because games usually are $49.99 and so on it does not mean they are stealing from you because in game purchases are flat rates like $40 or $100 and so on. and what are in game purchases? its like in game money or bundles that get people ahead of the game from other players or skins that make them look cool. so I REPEAT STEAM IS NOT STEALING FROM YOU. THE PEOPLE WITH YOUR CARD INFO ARE! STEAM ARE VERY SERIOUS WITH FRAUD SO CONTACT THEM

P.S. contact steam first because they will give your money back without any paper work and so on and then call your bank for a new card so that you can avoid all the paperwork . UNLESS YOU WANNA TRY TO GET THE GUY WHO STOLE YOUR INFO DESTROYED(meaning call the bank and have the police on his arse) :)


I received a text from my bank on Christmas morning 12/25/2018 that someone tried to put twelve one hundred dollar charges back to back on my credit card for @STEAMGAMES.COM.

I found 6 charges to my card this morning totaling $600. Luckily my bank will take care of it. I called the number and there is no way to speak to a person. Same with their website. This company is clearly a front for fraud. They probably sell games as well but their primary objective seems to be to steal as much money as they can, make it look like an accident, and if no one catches it then off to the bank they go. The fact that so many people have complained about this and contacted their banks but the government/FBI has not done anything about it for more than three years tells you a lot about the state of our society!! It is not enough to just call your bank. YOU NEED TO FILE A REPORT WITH YOUR LOCAL FBI OFFICE - DO IT TODAY!!! Look at the list at the bottom of this page!! It is enough to make you throw something! The Banks are not going to do anything about it and these creeps know it, that's why they keep doing it and why the list of victims continues to grow and grow. Sites like this need to be actively engaged in stopping fraud not just taking comments from those who have been defrauded! What is the point in that? There isn't one!

Just looked at my bank account and there is a $100.00 charge from you guys. I don't even know who you are!!! This needs to be refunded within 24 hours. I needed that money today! Its clear that no one check any type of ID! FIX NOW!

Same thing happened to me just today, (8/12/2014) Checked my bank statement online and found this... (copied and pasted).

DBT CRD 0000 08/09/14 0517547 STEAMGAMES 10900 NE 4TH ST SU BELLEVUE WA C ----- 4.99

Called my bank... twice... ended up blocking my debit card and getting another one issued.

The other comments on here really helped me to understand that this was a fraud and I had been hacked someway.


Also charges show up from VALVE I just got hit 3 times for $100 each so also look for charges from Valve

Steam is a application for purchasing games or other media. Your information has been stolen or your children are buying things without your permission. The application is not a fraud, It's the most popural platform for the purchase of games in the world at 90 million active accounts.

I work for the fraud department of a major bank. Steam Games is a valid merchant, but is a popular merchant among fraud circles. They use stolen card info to buy valid gift cards to be resold later for profit. There are fraud circles that utilize different means of fraud, from stealing your card info online, to using (in simple terms) a random number generator to test cards. When it finds one that works, it runs with it. This is why you often see $1 "test charges" first before they jump into larger amounts. The bank and the merchant are aware of these trends which is why you get the alerts and phone calls and the transactions are often (hopefully) declined. It is hard to "prevent" fraud. There isn't much the bank or merchant can do to prevent a random number generator from landing on your card number. If you see fraud, just report it. Don't take it out on the bank, don't take it out on the merchant. They are the ones taking the loss here, you will be refunded any losses.

Steam games showed up on my bank statement for $100. Luckily my bank noticed the activity as they tried two more times. I'm still stuck presently with the first charge as I have to contact the Steam games phone number to dispute the charge with them first. Of course when I call the phone number, I get a voice mail that says someone will call me back in 48 hours. Anyone wanna bet this doesn't happen? I will let you know.

Considering you can put money onto a Steam account and then buy items on CS:GO and sell those items for real money, it is an easy way to launder the funds through a legitimate site. Steam accounts are free and all they need is your card details. All of these people thinking that Valve, one of the biggest companies in the world needs your $100 to survive...

This morning, My bank notified me of a pending charge of $889.85 from Steamgames.com425, which is a fraudulent charge. I called the bank right away and they put a stop in my credit card and issuing me a new one. I have no idea who Steamgames.com425 is. They first tried to make a charge of $1.00 to see if it would go through, which was also in a pending stage. I don’t play games online and I have no children, so where the heck is all this coming from?? Thanks for listening 😀

This morning, My bank notified me of a pending charge of $889.85 from Steamgames.com425, which is a fraudulent charge. I called the bank right away and they put a stop in my credit card and issuing me a new one. I have no idea who Steamgames.com425 is. They first tried to make a charge of $1.00 to see if it would go through, which was also in a pending stage. I don’t play games online and I have no children, so where the heck is all this coming from?? Thanks for listening 😀

So, this is still occurring. / Steamgames.com42, 4 & is pending on my account as of today. Whoever entered the charges pended them for different dates, which means that they would occur at different intervals and be possibly missed by the account holder. I have attempted to reach the company and was unable to reach a live person, but a message was left. In the meantime, each of the charges were submitted to the Fraud Department, of my bank, with all associated cards being closed. And I have sent out an alert to family members and friends on Facebook / Instagram that this is occurring and that they should diligently watch their accounts.

I found a fraudulent charge on my account. It started out as a $4.99 charge, then 6 days later, it was a whopping $450.00 charge. all from STEAMGAMES.COMBELLEVUE. I never gave them permission for those charges. So now I'm in the process of fighting those charges and getting a full refund; but in the mean time, they still got $454.99 of my money. not cool. these people need to be stopped and put in jail.

Watch Out for small credits, too. I had a $.99 and $.01 credited to my account. I had my card blocked.

Two separate $100 charges just came in.

I'm not sure if I should have, but called them at (425) 889-9642 ext. 7 , and gave my last 4 digits of my credit card when asked "has your credit card been charged". Apparently their "Billing Department" will contact my cell phone in 48 hours -- I'm not confident about this. Travesty. Just reported this fraud to TD VISA.

My ATM card was charges two small amounts and those were being reversed when I had signed on to check my account. Thieves test this way. Then is was hit for $817. It has taken many phone calls and repeat phone calls but The bank will cover the fraud thankfully and replace my card. I don't have it yet but claim(s) have been filed and can take up to 10 business days. Mean time my house payment is late and all my auto deducts aren't getting paid until I get a new debit card. This company has to know that is has a lot of fraudulent activity but why would they care. They are getting the dirty money regardless, it's not like the bank is coming after them. To be concise and Clear this company is a big POS as far as I am concerned. And to the SG supporters go plug in and zone out and wait until it happens to you.

I have no children. Steam games is indeed a fraudulent company. This is ridiculous. I see YEARS of people reporting this company for scam charges yet nothing is done. $1100 charges racked up in the middle of the night last night on my card. NO, my non existent children did NOT steal my card. and YES, this company is involved. All legitimate companies have a way to speak to a representative by PHONE, or at least live chat, especially when fraud is involved. check out these complaints from people who were unfortunate enough to use this company on purpose:

No customer service even for paying customers?! really. My guess is any comments in defense of this company are being posting by people involved with the scam. My bank is reversing the charges as well as legally processing a claim against the company for these actions.

These charges are from Valve's store when're you purchase video games and items from games. It likely was purchased through steam, their gaming software. It may not be yours or your son/daughters fault. Steam accounts can be hacked and in game items stolen and purchases made then given to the hackers account. It has happend to me before.

Just checked my credit card account this morning to find $1,000+ fraudulent charges. Among the fraudulent charges were 2 from Steamgames and 1 from Steampowered. From reading the previous posts I cannot understand how can these two sites be continually be causing so many fraudulent charges. see a lot about them. who are these defending the ones everybody complaining about? those who say they reported it and going after these people, what was your results? because today (March 11, 2020) happened to me and some of these i been reading go way back to 2014!

This morning, My bank notified me of a pending charge of $889.85 from Steamgames.com425, which is a fraudulent charge. I called the bank right away and they put a stop in my credit card and issuing me a new one. I have no idea who Steamgames.com425 is. They first tried to make a charge of $1.00 to see if it would go through, which was also in a pending stage. I don’t play games online and I have no children, so where the heck is all this coming from?? Thanks for listening 😀

I have been charged $1.33 on 7/4/14 then I was charged $1.32 on 7/8/14 on my atm card I don't do games. Both charges have been reported to my bank as fraud. The first on was an international charge the second was in Kirkland Washington. My bank will be calling the police. It looks like Steamgames was hacked, does anyone know the phone number for this company?

I had 3 charges show up today, bank noticed and cancelled all transactions through vigilant with your accounts! and for $119.97, $10.00, and $100.00. I've never even heard of this company until now.

my card was charged 5.99 I do not play theses games at so how does my card get a charge this is credit card fraud I will call the feds in new York.

My credit card was charged again from How is it possible if I don't play games and didn't give my card details?????

STEAMGAMES.COM LUXEMBOURG LUX charged EUR 19.99 to my credit card on Sept 2nd 2015

And another 30 transactions at about the same time with various other 'companies' while I was in mid-flight with my credit card. Called Credit card company straight away to cancel the card and filed a fraud report - receive SMS each time card is used.

I was checking my email before heading for work, when I received an email from my bank telling me that they blocked my debit account. I called them and they said 4 purchases , 350aed each from I was shocked because I don't play online games and the transaction was 3am while I was sleeping! Now I have to wait for 6 weeks for an investigation, and hoping that my money will be returned. Usually all online transactions should send and OTP to my mobile, but with these, no SMS for OTP at all. Hackers stealing money from people living decent lives. Return our money!

Same sort of story as those above. Obviously some SOB has obtained my card number, and figures Steamgames is a sufficiently widely used site to hide their theft (but not used by me and I have no kids). Late last month a US$20 charge to TUCOWS, who register domain names. I queried this with my bank. Then yesterday a $50 charge to Steamgames. I have had my card stopped. It is nothing to do with either firm, it is some third party that has somehow got the number and is testing the water before a big hit. Wish I had some way to turn the water to acid!

Just got three charges $1.00 from another for $25.00. Then got a $10.00 charge from, posted to my account on 2/4/15. Thank God I check my account everyday. I do not play games. Just called my bank, cancelled the card and they are returning the fees. They confirmed this is FRAUD. Fees will be returned immediately.


I reported this to the Feds! They are looking into it! I will get my money back!

This morning, My bank notified me of a pending charge of $889.85 from Steamgames.com425, which is a fraudulent charge. I called the bank right away and they put a stop in my credit card and issuing me a new one. I have no idea who Steamgames.com425 is. They first tried to make a charge of $1.00 to see if it would go through, which was also in a pending stage. I don’t play games online and I have no children, so where the heck is all this coming from?? Thanks for listening 😀

I had charges from on my Discover card. They contacted me immediately and verified these were not made by me. Told me to cut my card up. Who the heck is this and why can't something be done?

My credit card info was also stolen and used to purchase something off of whatever this is called Steamgames. I have no kids and don't use my debit card for any purchases. I will be calling to report the fraud and request full refund and filing a police report. Seems like a lot of criminal activity connected to this place.... Time for the feds to look into it.

This morning, My bank notified me of a pending charge of $889.85 from Steamgames.com425, which is a fraudulent charge. I called the bank right away and they put a stop in my credit card and issuing me a new one. I have no idea who Steamgames.com425 is. They first tried to make a charge of $1.00 to see if it would go through, which was also in a pending stage. I don’t play games online and I have no children, so where the heck is all this coming from?? Thanks for listening 😀

my credit card was fraudulently debited on the 18th and 28th july for about $400 in total by I have been told by the bank to send an email to luxembourg to ask for a refund but i cannot find their email. Can anyone help me here.

I did not initiate any request from Steamgames. Surprisingly, I got an alert from my bank regarding an authorized transaction with steamgames to debit my account of the Naira equivalent of EUR23.99. Steamgames should please refund my cash as I was debited of the said amount, all these happened between 1:31pm Friday August 8th and 5:13am Saturday Nigerian time.

This is FRAUD!!!

I got two 100.00 dollar charges on my account which were made through my debit card from & they both were FRAUD charges. These gaming sites for ONE are NOT trustworthy like someone had wrote on here. DUH! It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that one out! Having fraud after fraud after fraud should probably be a clear sign that these sites are no good and there security SUCKS! My bank told me a lot of fraud comes from gaming sites and there is usually no REAL way to reach someone (phone or e-mail) for either of these websites and the gaming sites like it that way. Sadly these low lives find the need to steal money from people because they have no life! If they lived like most of us, we WORK for our money...not STEAL for our money.

Thank goodness for the Fraud Department at my tried to use my credit card for $39.99...but didn't get a dime....suckers!!!!

Two $100.00 charges showed on my debit card today, one through and one through I do not play games nor have I ever had an account with these two places. I believe my card was compromised at a gas station with a skimmer on the inside of the gas tank but no way to prove it. All we can do is just be careful where we use our cards. I haven't been able to get a phone number for these companies. Any luck anybody else with a phone number?

Rang my bank this am to report FRAUDULENT act committed by Luxembourg. In my 'past transactions' it showed they charged me £300 in one day!!! and £16.99 two days before. I don't play any games in my tablet or phone. Both transaction weren't requested and authorized. So my bank have to cancel my credit card and issue another.

A dozen or so transactions processed by "Steam" and "Valve" were just made to my debit card - both charges and refunds. I called my bank and they told me that Steam had declined each of the charges, so no problem for me. I also called the phone numbers listed with the transactions and was told how to dispute charges as one of the first options on an automated menu. It looks like Steam is a target for people committing fraud and knows it. But here's the kicker: I never use my debit card. So how could someone steal the number>

I was checking my bank account, and found a Bankcard transaction for $25.00? On a date I wasn't using my card. Lucky I caught it ... In Process, I called the Banks Fraud phone number, They will credit back to my account the charge. STOP payment, and re issue a New Card replacement within a week.

The Charge came as STEAMGAMES.COM, BELLEVUE, WA [Online Gaming] "Warning" If you see this Charge and you did not make it, Notify your Bank Immediately, and be sure to follow up, with as much information as possible to prevent futher Fraud.

Don't think for a second that steamgames is not involved in this or that it is simply players buying thing within the game! PROCESSES THE CHARGES!! That means purchases go through their site, through their card service company, to your bank. They don't go through some circuitous route, charges go directly through They are clearly at least complicit in this operation if not fully responsible especially given the fact that the money from your account goes to them directly and not some third party gamer!!

No you stupid fuck. I live in Texas and I am working in Illinios and on a Sunday had right at $1000.00 charged to SteamGames in Washington. Have no kids doing it. Some low life piece of shit did it and this company is fucked up.

when you call the steamgames number it goes to an answering service. Best thing to do is call your bank and tell them right away about the unauthorized charges and they will block your card and issue you another one with a different number in a week or two. Some banks will issue you a temporary card to use while you're waiting to get your new card. Smaller Branches do not have this feature and will just issue you a new card which you will receive in a couple weeks. This company, Steamgames, is not at fault. It is an outsider phishing accounts making small purchases at first and then larger purchases after the small purchases clear.

Can you help? What is this charge?

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