Learn about the "Amazon Digital Svcs 866 216 107 " charge and why it appears on your credit card statement.

Also Appears on Statements As "Amazon Digital Svcs 866-216-1072 WA"

First seen on March 16, 2012, Last updated on November 30, 2016

What is it?

This is a charge from Amazon, an American multinational company that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, online advertising, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. People in the comments below say they were charged for Amazon Kindle Unlimited, Amazon Cloud Services, Amazon Kindle Fire and other services.

Amazon is the world's largest online retailer and sells virtually everything, including books, electronics, household goods, food, and pretty much everything else you can imagine. Amazon is one of the world's most valuable brands and is one of the big five American information technology companies, along with Alphabet, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft.

Some items Amazon sells include:

  • Books
  • Music
  • Homegoods
  • Gift cards
  • Electronics
  • Garden items
  • Toys and games
  • Office products
  • Pet food or toys
  • Health & personal care items
  • Car and motorbike accessories
  • Clothings, jewelry, or accessories

Why this charge may appear on your card

You're likely seeing this charge because you made a purchase at If you didn't make this payment, it's possible someone else did, which may be an early indication of fraud. Unknown Amazon charges are usually from an Amazon Prime payment, a digital service payment, an Amazon Pay transaction, or a bank authorization.

Why you may not recognize this charge

Amazon often doesn't charge your card at the moment of purchase. Rather, they charge your card when the item ships. Additionally, they may do partial charges if your order contains multiple items and they ship or process at different times. For example, if you checked out with two items totaling $100, you might see individual charges of $80 and $20 if those items ship at different times or come from different Amazon sellers.

How to Contact Amazon

You can chat with Amazon or have them call you by visiting Amazon's help center.

Community Feedback

This is a Kindle subscription charge that basically kicks in without notice or your given permission after one year, for a service kind off similar to Net-Flix. In this case is access to some few thousands books without the need to purchase them but they will charge a monthly fee. I've called customer service who they knew right away why I was upset and refunded the money. They say that this thing is some sort of customer agreement when you set-up your Kindle and unless you request a cancellation there is the assumption that you "agree" with this service. Very dirty trick from Amazon, I told them that they wasted my time investigating these charges and that nobody reads 100 pages of agreement when you set-up a e-reader. It's not right to charge my credit card unless I specifically request a service or product. Using this sneaky way of throwing a default acceptance from my part in whatever endless user agreement is a scam in my opinion. I wonder how many unaware "customers" are paying AMAZON this service that was never requested and not even used since not everyone pays a lot of attention to credit card statements especially if they do regularly purchases from Amazon. Please check your credit cards for this charge and call them for a full refund and excuses: AMAZONDIGITALSVCS 866-216-1072 WA MerchandiseRECORD STORES $ 10.81

This appeared on my statement when I bought a download of a game.

9.99 charge - Amazon said it was for a Cinemax subscription. I never signed up for it as far as I know. Amazon Support was extremely prompt ad helpful, cancelled charge and refunded the last month.

I wasted about 30 minutes on the phone with Amazon Customer Service because the number on the charge takes you to them (866-216-1072). I was hung up on once after the guy couldn't find the $10.71 charge in my orders/digital orders. I ended up calling back and asking to speak to the Kindle department after reading these other comments, and it ended up being "Kindle Unlimited" that I NEVER opted in to have or get charged for that I was aware of(3 charges of $10.71). The lady in the kindle department seemed like she knew what I was calling about so I just gave her the exact dates of when the charges were posted and she sent me an email and refunded me. Shame on Amazon for this shady practice.

My charge was Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Was the charge after 30 day free trial.

I got a charge for 3.27. Apparently, its a free time subscription after the one year that comes with the kids tablet. I told her I hadn't had one in three years and it was returned. Why was I getting charged now? I also looked through all my subscriptions and digital orders and couldn't find it. It did look like fraud, but it wasn't. It was very tricky however and I was not happy. I feel if you have a subscription of any kind it should be there under subscriptions, or at least show as "billed" for digital orders. Content and devices is a really weird place to have it, especially when everything else is cut and dry.


Long story short, if you go to manage my content and devices, it should be under there at the bottom of the page and before the recommendations sections. I still didn't see it. They refunded me, and took it off. My issue was that I cannot see it ANYWHERE on my account where it's paid or, renewed, or anything. Glad she was helpful, but I'll never do a free sub again.

Called Amazon at 866-216-1072 after seeing two changes for "Amazon Digital Svs." Customer service agent said that someone opened an Amazon card and purchased Playstation video game gift cards using my card with a different email address than mine. She said that Amazon had blocked the card, because it was suspicious. However two charges did go through.

Often can be charged when you are a seller/merchant on Amazon if you have advertising campaigns running (it is a sum of the cost-per-click for a given billing cycle).

I had four charges of 9.99 each in my credit card. These started in January and were labeled as "Amazon Digital Services". I called customer service 866-216-1072 for an explanation. They told me that this charge is for Amazon Kindle and it was started after the purchase of Amazon Echo. I wish I had in my hands the marketing wizard who came up with this trick. Mr. Bezos, do you support this? Is that the way you grow revenues? Any way I told the customer service rep I never ordered this and he said he will provide a full refund.

My weird-looking charge was correct. It was for an order I had placed with, and was billed through Amazon payment services.

This actually was used at and I paid using amazon payments. I'll never do that again. But it was a valid charge.

You can see EXACTLY what the charge is by logging into your Amazon account through a web browser (such as your home computer.)

Go to 'Account & Lists' > 'Your Orders' > and then to the sub-tab labeled 'Digital Orders'

Apparently, I inadvertently signed up for Amazon Cloud Services when I bought something a year ago. It must have been embedded in a deal with a hard drive I purchased about that time. At any rate, it included one year free and at the end of that time, I was charged $59.99. Since I never knew I had this service (or wanted it), I never used it and Amazon Customer Service removed the service and charge without a problem. Kudos to their Customer Service department for doing that well and painlessly. I'm going to try to be more careful about these things from now on. Who knew online ordering would be like negotiating a minefield?

Finally, I found out what this is. While using the Amazon App on my Samsung Smart TV, they gave 2 weeks free trial for HBO. Since I wanted to watch Silicon Valley I clicked on it and watched HBO. Funny thing is they automatically start charging the card on file without asking you. I paid for 4 months before I looked at my CC statement.

A $9.99 Kindle Unlimited charge showed up on a credit card I had activated a week ago. I don't have a Kindle and this credit card had never been used or listed on my Amazon account. I had only used it at the grocery store and to pay utility costs. I have no idea how they got my card number. However, I check my statement online frequently and contacted the credit card company right away and issued a fraud dispute.

Looks like if you purchase a tv they sign you up for some trial and then start charging the card automatically afterwards. SO beware any electronic purchase from Amazon could result in you getting charged after a trial subscription you weren't even aware of.

We purchase a lot of things from and always thought it was a decent company so never paid attention to charges from Amazon on our credit card statements. I always thought the $9.99 charges I saw on our credit card statements are from my spouse's orders. Today I asked my spouse if he purchased anything Kindle Unlimited and he said no. So I phoned Amazon Customer Service. Turned out we have been on the Kindle Unlimited membership for a year without knowing it. The first customer service representative said it must be we accidentally signed up the Kindle Unlimited membership, or signed up a trial membership and forgot to cancel it. I wasn't really convinced since we don't have any Kindle devices, are not the type of people who like to read digital books, and there are no Kindle digital contents in our order history. After seeing numerous complaints on this charge from multiple Web sites, I called Amazon Customer Service again and got to talk to a Kindle representative. I asked to have all the charges refunded and to know the circumstance under which our account was signed up with the membership. Like the other contributors said, the representative said the best he can do is to issue a three-month refund. They were not able to tell me the circumstance the membership was signed up. When I ask the representative to check out all these complaints from people and pointed out if numerous people are signed up with something unknowingly there is something wrong how Amazon does business. The guy said he has been working at Amazon for more than 10 years and has never seen people get signed up something they didn't sign up (I am curious how he could reach this statement if he could not find out how the sign-up happens), became rude and said "have a good afternoon ma'am". I could have peace with their not able to issue more refund, but the behaviour of the Kindle representative leave me one word "Shame on you, Amazon".

I called the number on my CC, told them about the charge for 30.61 from Kindle-The Wallstreet Journal; No questions asked, she informed me that the charge would be refunded and the subscription canceled.

$10.68 for Kindle Unlimited appeared on my statement. Called and they asked for my account, WHICH I DO NOT HAVE. Nobody in my family even owns a Kindle. Would not tell me what the charge was for. Called my card company to dispute and was told they had charged it again this month as well. Disputed both charges and had the card company issue a new card.

I've always hated Amazon since the Xmas they told people to use their local stores to showroom, send in the UPS code and price at that store and get 5% off if they purchased from Amazon instead. They are a pox on society.

I was charged for $2.99 on Jan 26, 2017 and again on Feb 26, 2017. It is listed as a charge for Digital Services. My husband is the only one with a Kindle device that we have had for 3 years now. He had not signed up for any service. I called the number, listed with the charge, 866-216-1072, WA 981090000 US, and I was told that it was from a Fire device and was for "Free Time Unlimited", which is not a free service. It is for children's books. I knew immediately that the charges were for the Kindle Fire devices I sent to my grandchildren for Christmas. I had no idea how I was billed. I didn't even activate the devices. They were activated by their mother, who apparently signed them up for this service. They billed me because I purchased the devices through my Amazon account. Can you believe that?! It was a gift and I was charged for things they signed up for after it left my hands. They are refunding me the charges and cancelling the subscription. I was assured that no further charges would come to my card from these devices. So beware if you purchase a device as a gift with your Amazon account this could happen to you. This is an FYI. Thank you for this post, it helped me to explore my charges.

Took 10 minutes to cancel. You need to be specific that it's Amazon Drive that you wish to cancel and get refunded. Was pretty easy to do.

Son playing free app games from Amazon. Inside these games Amazon was rewarding the player with options to buy or up-grade using "Amazon Coins", which were then charged to my visa on File. Look out for "Dragon Vale" and Mindcraft offing "Amazon Coins" The second call to Amazon Agent: was able to break down how the games worked to trace the charges. Some of these games, being charged to my visa, are not list in on My Son's Kindle or Icloud account because they are secondary or sub games with in game he had up-loaded free. I registered a complaint- Using "Amazon Coins" as reward in a game implies they are game rewards or points earned to be used free in a game. Very sneaky, I tell you $.99 to $3.99 adds up quickly.

A charge for $59.99 may be the recurring charge for the Amazon Drive service renewing after the end of a 1 Year Free trial (via a promotion for buying a specific item). I didn't realize I signed up for the free trial in November 2015, and in November 2016, after the trial ended, the charge was a surprise. I spoke to customer service, and they were able to explain where the charge came from. Because I never used the Amazon Drive service, Amazon was able to refund the charge.

I had charges for $9.45 for the last 3 months. The description said Amazon Digital Service. I got in contact with amazon customer service via chat. The representative told me it was for a Showtime subscription on my fire tv stick. I have no clue how we were subscribed, maybe one of the kids accidentally added it. Anyway, they cancelled my subscription and refunded me in full for the charges.

I had to call Amazon. They said this was an "Amazon Channel Subscription" made via the fire tv. First check "your video subscriptions" under "your account" on the amazon home page. In this case there was no subscription listed so they were able to cancel the charge. Seems like Amazon is trying to sneak in charges without a clear record of what subscriptions are even available! Very scary when the fraud comes from inside the company. Message from the customer service rep (who was very helpful): "Amazon Channel subscriptions aren't returnable or refundable after purchase. But because of the circumstances, I was able to make an exception and have issued you a $10.99 refund. This refund will apply to your Channel subscription payment method, and should complete within a few business days. For more information, go to:"

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I was charged for AMAZON DIGITAL SVCS 866866-216-1072 WAUS for $14.99. I contacted customer service via chat, and was told it was an HBO subscription. I was able to cancel it, 24 hrs after being billed and will get a refund in 3-5 days.

Mine was for a magazine subscription. It would be nice if they would include that in the description that shows up on your credit card statement....or in the Orders section of your account page on Amazon. You have to really dig around (in Manage Your Content and Devices) to find magazine subscriptions.

I found a $59.99 charge on my credit card that I didn't expect. I did know if it was a scam and I didn't want to call the phone number in case it was a scam. I looked around Amazon for charges to my account or customer support numbers and didn't find anyting, so I searched online and found this page. Very helpful! I called a customer service number that I found here (888-280-4331). I selected the zero option for other and I think that I got India, but the unlike some recruiters who call me I could at least understand the guy. He asked me a few questions, charge amount, my name, billing address and last 4 digits of the card number. He said that he found it and it was for a cloud service that I had tried one time, about a year ago. He asked if I remember signing up for the service, which I didn't remember. He said that if I would hold on for a minute he would go and cancel the subscription and refund the money. I came back within a minute and said I was all set, the subscription was canceled and I would be receiving a full refund. The hardest part was getting a good customer service number for Amazon. They don't put it on the main page or make it easy, but after finding that it was painless. Hopefully I get the refund now!

This is Amazon digital. Log into your Amazon account and see what subscriptions you have purchased. Check your bank activity online and it will specify what the charge was for. My charge was for Comedy Central subscription on my Fire Stick. Could be an app for your streaming device or some other digital service you have used with Amazon.

It took me a few minutes of remembering and I realized that I use amazon payments for and I forgot to cancel the "unlimited" membership. My charges are legitimate and in all honesty, I am relieved that it isn't something worrisome lol. Hope this helps someone else.


Showed a 16.25 charge for "Amazon Digital Svcs 866-216-1072 Us". Had no idea what the charge was, but called the number and it was for some HBO subscription that I don't remember ever signing up for. They promptly ended the subscription for me and gave me the refund. Good service, however this sort of thing keeps happening to me, subscriptions I never apply for and random charges, so I am removing my card information from my account preferences in order to keep this from happening again

Mine was Amazon PBS for Kids charge for $4.99. I was able to cancel it online by finding "Memberships and subscriptions" under my account, then clicked on "Amazon Channels" and found it there. Just click on cancel channel.

I had a 1.00 charge appear then disappear on my bank account. Then a couple of days later a Dove Subscription 866-216-1072 showed up that I did not make. I called and cancelled that, and the person on the other end of the line slipped in that I was a new "Prime" member. I told him that I was not and so he said that he would cancel that also. Watch out!, this might be a way to get you to call so they can kick in a 99 dollar prime membership. I don't trust Amazon anymore, I cancelled all my cards with them, too bad, I had like them until I got this burn and one other burn when I ordered something and it never arrived.

In case this helps, I had one of these charges on my credit card statement (for $64.12) that I didn't recognize. Turned out to be a TurboTax software download I'd bought.

I found out my son was ordering subscriptions on our fire stick. On a PC go to Amazon, under accounts and list, click accounts, under Memberships and subscriptions click Prime Video channels, scroll to Your channels and unsubscribe.

I called the number on the bill, and the charge is for cloud storage. A guy named Nathan told me that a year ago I got a promotional email about signing up for one year free for cloud storage and then a yearly fee. The charge on my bill was for $63.95. I told him that if I agreed to that, the email did not make it clear that I would be paying for it yearly after one free year. In fact, I don't remember this email at all. Why would I want Amazon cloud storage when I already have cloud storage through Apple for my phone and iPad? And what are they storing on this cloud? It could only be my Kindle, which I don't even use any more. This kind of stuff makes me so mad. My new P.C. now has something called One Drive that I can't get rid of that backs up my computer, and of course right away it's full and you have to pay monthly, so if you get a new computer, be sure not to agree to One Drive when you set it up. All of this cloud stuff is a rip off. Anyway, Nathan said they would cancel this "subscription" and refund the charge. I called the number that was on the charge on my Amazon credit card bill.

Someone above posted this " Amz*diapers-soap-wag 866-216-1072 Wa .... CC company says Pet Food associated. Number is Amazon, but the charge did not come from Amazon. It's fraud."
I had an identical statement on my account. I talked to Amazon and learned the following:, a pet supply website uses Amazons charging service. It turns out my daughter ordered pet medications from that website. It was a correct charge.

There is an unknown bank charge to my account - Amazon Digital Svcs 86 for $3.99 and this number 866 216 1072, WA I guess we tend to assume the worst... and there is a real concern about fraud, but I checked it out first instead of flipping out. I would recommend that you do the same.
Here is the number for, Inc./Customer service ==> 1 (888) 280-4331 I called, and a real person promptly answered (after I did not select any one of the menu options). I provided some info (name and address, details of the unknown charge) and after a brief moment on hold, my call was transferred to someone who identified the charges as a subscription to electronic "Washington Post" that I had signed up for the free trial about a year ago. I have enjoyed occasionally reading the articles and the comics, and forgotten that at some point the free trial would end and a subscription would begin. My bad - not fraud. The customer service rep cancelled the subscription without question, and assured me that a refund would appear in a few days. No big thing. So what's the lesson? 1) Chillax. 2) Act like adult, sane person. 3) Caveat emptor. 4) And yes, keep checking your bank statements for unknown charges! Good job...

If you did not make the purchase, I would wait until it posts in the bank [no longer a pending transaction]. I saw this pend on my account for $19.99 on 10/31/13, however I just got up and checked my bank this morning 11/1/13 and the change has been reversed. So, no need to call, but I was getting ready to because we don't make purchases in Amazon without Amazon gift cards!

When I saw this charge on my card I thought it was fraudulent but Turns out I had forgotten that I pre - ordered a book a couple months back and it was released. You can check your order history in your amazon account. just log in, click account and remember to change to digital orders on the order history page. I missed that tab the first time.

I too have been having charges to my credit card for "digital" expenses I did not order - like STARZ, SHOWTIME, KINDLE and others - $8.99 and $9.99 for months that I did not notice. When I called my credit card company they informed me that AMAZON has a contract/agreement with VISA, and that VISA HAS AGREED NOT TO BLOCK ANY AMAZON CHARGES!!! I could not believe my ears. We tried to cancel the Amazon charges through a mediated phone call with the fraud department but the charge appeared on my new statement yet again. I finally cancelled my credit card and will only have MASTERCARD from now on in case I need to block another fraudulent charge. Maybe we should all boycott AMAZON and VISA until they change their deceptive and unfair policies.

Amazon Advertising Invoice posted to my bank CC - it's OK

My credit card showed a charge of $16.98. I called the number listed above and was told that it was for HBO and that they had been charging me for 4 months!!!! My television has a window antenna (the black flat kind from ebay) and I only watch local channels, mostly the news on it. It is not connected to anything but that antenna and the damn wall, how could I possibly have been charged for something they knew they were not providing me? I was assured that they would refund me for the 4 months of money they stole. I'll be checking everyday!!!

In my case, the charge was for an advertising campaign I ran on Amazon. Looking at all the posts here, it's obvious that lots of different things get charged through this service. Don't assume the worst until you figure your charge out.

I noticed a charge on my credit card for $59.99 from Amazon Digital Svcs. Turns out this was a charge tagged on after a year of free unlimited Cloud storage I hadn't even realized I'd signed up for. Called Amazon Digital customer service, and they cancelled the subscription and refunded the charge in under 2 minutes, hassle-free!

I had a free trial of Amazon Prime and they charged me $80-something for the next month's subscription. They refunded me as soon as I called this number back.

I purchased photoshop and it was the version you download right to your computer. Took me awhile to figure it out. Thought it was charge but it was just me downloading software!

Amz*diapers-soap-wag 866-216-1072 Wa

.... CC company says Pet Food associated.
Number is Amazon, but the charge did not come from Amazon.

It's fraud.

Took 10 minutes to cancel. You need to be specific that it's Amazon Drive that you wish to cancel and get refunded. Was pretty easy to do.

I have three fraudulent 9.99 USD charges made by AMAZON against KINDLE books which they clearly list as a free service. I have no clue what these charges are all about?! All I know that I read the KINDLE agreement and it was not stated that they charge 9.99 USD for the service. Now, they can hide the number somewhere in the Iliad agreement for subscribers not to see but this is cheap. I filed a dispute through my Bank against AMAZON to get a refund.

I got this charge and freaked a little bit also, but after looking into it I pre-ordered a Kindle book 2 months ago and it just showed up on my Kindle a month earlier than expected. The price matches the cost of the book I pre-ordered so I think it's legit. Thanks to this site though I am going to keep a closer eye on my account for the immediate future.

digital magazine subscription

I also had the $59.99 charge from Amazon Digital Services. Not sure how but it was probably something I signed up for and forgot to cancel the free trial. Contacted Amazon and the lady could have not been more helpful. Absolutely amazing. Had no issue taking the charge off. We were on the phone for probably 15 minutes...3 minutes refunding my money and the rest talking about hiking and reading books. Love Amazon. Hey everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

I get this every time I buy a new book for my Kindle.

A charged on my checking account from AmazonKindle for $17.99 had me suspicious since I have not owned a Kindle in years. I checked Amazon on the corresponding charge date to see if I had purchased anything and I had not. When I called the number on my checking account statement (866-216-1072), a customer service rep from Amazon found the answer. During Christmas, I ordered an item with differed payments. The 17.99 was one of those payments... I had actually forgotten about it. So there was actually nothing "sneaky" going on.

I forgot that we bought Microsoft Office from Amazon.

I just noticed a charge for $2.99 and I freaked out. I read these comments and took the advice of many and called Amazon and sure enough it was my fault. We had a free time subcription that we forgot about. I called amazon and teh issue was resolved in less than 5 mins. They looked it up and they did not ask why i was cancelling it or anything.

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