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genuine company, usually for airport parking etc.

Airport car parking charge - no problem no scam

This showed up on my bank transactions - did not recognise this at first. Then typed name as appeared in google search and when site appeared then remembered this was for my car parking charge at airport.

I had a HXPayments transaction on my card. It is legitimate. It was for a hotel at Gatwick and car parking that I had purchased online.

This came through as a payment I made for hotel plus parking at Stansted Airport. The amount is correct- no fraud in my case/

I have to agree with the other posts regarding HX Payments. I had this come up on my bank statement and wondered what it was for. It was for £44 to book myself and Mum into the VIP lounge at East Midlands Airport before we fly at the end of this month. Obviously legit, Although after reading other negative posts I will be checking to make sure it doesn't get taken again by anyone else. I am not a scammer, have nothing to do with HX or whatever they are called, and I'm sure the others on here aren't either. We have just had a legitimate payment taken for services we have used.

Thanks all for the heads up... I had a charge on my credit card & couldn't remember what it was for so I checked it out here online. I am so relieved, it is legitimate. Thought the charge appears as that didn't ring a bell, turns out it was for my holiday parking at Heathrow which was with with Purple Parking. Checking back on the paperwork it did indeed say the transaction would appear as

holiday extras i paid for stansted airport parking a genuine transaction but i did not no

I too queried this and sure enough, it was exactly the same amount as I was charged for prepaid valet parking at London City Airport. a transaction that I made on the same day as it appeared on my credit card. It is not a scam unless you didn't pay for any holiday extras and cannot find an invoice which states that the payment will appear as on your credit card statement.

I too was worried when I saw this on my bank statement and like many others found this site and I am pleased to confirm that this was indeed a charge for a hotel & parking booking I made for Gatwick Airport.

I AM NOT A SCAMMER so don't know where these other people are getting their information?

HX Stands for Holiday Xtras like parking, hotels etc

Perfectly valid charge for airport hotel. Have to wonder if those saying it’s a scam are from the competition

I admit I put into google to see what I had been charged for as I had not idea what the £41.39 leaving my bank was for, but then I remembered I'd recently paid for airport parking through Holiday Extras. Completely legitimate charge, not a scam.

Paid for airport carparking with Purple Parking Park at near Heathrow. Not sure where the scamming comments derive from.................

Just saw this charge from hxpayments, and was worried having seen the 2016/17 comments- hx is a payment company for PURPLE PARKING which is an airport valet service- I was panicking but realised my mum had accidently charged our parking on my card! Perfectly legit.


I need a receipt for a booking made with you on the 18th August for parking at Gatwick Airport from 19th to the 22nd August.

Wondered what this was for... then realised it was for a lounge at gatwick airport from Holiday Extras. Receipt clearly states "" No scam..just forgetfulness

I saw this on my cc statement and couldnt remember making ,it but now i see i was not alone , yes mine too was for parking with holiday extras ar East midlands airport. Thought id been hacked

I saw HX payments come up on credit card and wondered what it was but after looking at this site remembered it is for car parking at Gatwick so not a scam.

Had to search it out, but this charge was for PURPLE PARKING at Gatwick. Bona fide charge! (they do mention it in their booking confirmation email)

Be very careful of this, this is a fraud charge. If shows up on a card statement, contact your bank and report fraud!

Recently booked parking at Heathrow with Purple Parking. Their e-mail Confirmation showed the transaction would appear on my credit card statement as: It did.

Airport parking at Manchester Airport JetParks 3 booked through, Legit.

Charge was for Purple Parking at Heathrow

I thought I was being had, when I looked at my bank statement.

But then remembered with the help of this site that I had paid for advance weekend parking at stanstead.

Buyer beware !!!!!!!!!!!! It is a scam. They use an identical site, so good, The genuine web page was playing up, so I went ahead an paid with out double checking. Feeling stupid now. Bank has been informed,(and card stopped, so scammers if your reading this you'll get no more), so has the holiday company., to warn any future holiday makers It looks good, but please do not do it.

Careful! If you see any payments to, that is a fraud. Airport car parks in the UK DO NOT use this company. It is part of a credit card fraud scheme. Cancel card and ask for a refund from your bank immediately if you spot any payments to this company on your statement.

FRAUDULENT CHARGE! Inform your card supplier immediately: your card is likely to have been skimmed and a 'test' payment is taken from this company to see if it works. If it does, you can look forward to loosing hundreds if not thousands of pounds in days.

(don't fall for the 'positive' reviews on here, they are left by the scammers - who habitually down vote any warnings of fraud)

HXPayments are a fraud charge. They are NOT airport parking payments etc; these comments have been left by the scammers. When you see on your bank statement, block your card immediately, and report fraud.

Completely legitimate charge from the Holiday Extras website - a legitimate re-seller of Airport Parking, Airport Lounges, Travel Insurance etc. You only need to worry if you haven't bought anything from Holiday Extras is NOT an active website, but a credit card fraud. If you see any payments to this company, contact your bank IMMEDIATELY because your card is likely to have been swiped, copied (and emptied by the time you see your account statement). is an inactive website, used by credit card fraudsters!

Bogus website used by card fraudsters.

WARNING: CREDIT/BANK CARD FRAUD is what is called a test charge, used by a criminal gang in the UK. The criminals install card copiers on ATMs, ticket machines and other devices accepting credit/debit card payments at airports, mostly in the London area. They either observe, or film with hidden cameras, your PIN code as you enter it, and use this with the skimmed card data to make a copy of your card. That data is then used to carry out a test charge, coming up in your accounts as '' because people will associate it with a genuine company offering airport parking. However, this is NOT this company (check the website if you want proof - it does not exist). Instead, the scammers use your illegally copied card data to run up massive bills in short time. This is a well-known scam in the UK.

If you see any payments to on your card statement, report them to your bank or credit card issuer and cancel your card(s).

Not a scam, not in my instance anyway. Queried it myself when showing on statement. Showing as HXPayments.COM. For hotel booking at Heathrow and tickets for Legoland Windsor.

This is a fraud charge. I've just been informed by my credit card company. The usual scam. Stolen credit card id (possibly over internet purchase), then there was a small GBP of $16.41 on the 7th of Aug, followed by a whopping $540 from a Bonds Online Kew transaction on my card. These assholes always do the same - check out the card by a small transaction to see if the card works (small enough to escape notice), then hit it for large transaction. Rot in hell you scum - actually no ävete anak mistrautnatsu" - cursed be you and your loved ones- may illness befall you and anyone linked to you from today onwards

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