HOMEDEPOT.COM 800-430-3376 GA

Learn about the "Homedepot.Com 800 430 3376 Ga " charge and why it appears on your credit card statement.

First seen on November 23, 2014, Last updated on December 5, 2022

What is it?

I report this charge to the ftc. It is a scam and i believe an inside job at home depot. When i received the wrong item delivered i called 800-430-3376 and leah took my info, created a false return and within minutes ordered herself a fan. She put her number on the order. I called her and let her and it wasnt a pleasant phone call for her. I of course cancelled the credit card first. Beware of

I just got the same charge for $216.16 CHECKCARD 03/19 HOMEDEPOT.COM 800-430-3376 GA

Report to your bank it a big scam

FRAUD!!!! Beware they even have connections with xfinity. Just download the Home Depot app to order. And call your bank & dispute. These people are dangerous.

yes, i contacted my son that works for the FBI and you guys are being looked up cause you are all scam crap... and he is notifying the home office of HOME DEPOT...

I just got the same charge for $216.16 CHECKCARD 03/19 HOMEDEPOT.COM 800-430-3376 GA

Report to your bank it a big scam

I noticed the same thing on to separate posted billings on my credit card. Here’s what I deducted with a few checks against a receipt of confirmation for an online order I place totaled $49.47. However one line on the online order posted when picked and shipped from where-ever it came from through this online order billing service center located in GA for $30.03. The very next day the second line on my order was picked and fulfilled, again for where?? but posted through the same billing center located in GA for $19.44. $30.03 + $19.44 = $49.47 which is what the confirmation receipt states I should be build. Therefore the billing is correct just divided up according to order fulfillment pick days. So Home Depot has sent hundreds of customers into credit identity chaos simply because they do not want to post your order in a concise manner to match you order confirmation billing, but instead divide the billing to posted dates as discreet lines from your online order are picked and shipped. Bad posting rule on Home Depot’s part. Do your investigations if you ordered online, will save the head-ache of canceling your card and reporting identity theft.

I was checking my father's Credit Card Activity and saw this charge. (HOMEDEPOT.COM - 800-430-3376, GA) for the amount of $255.45. I found it suspicions because my father lives in the state of Florida and this purchase was made in the state of Georgia (GA). So I started digging. Here is what I found: My father ordered a tool from his local homedepot store in Florida and I guess the transaction went through as it was made in Georgia because that is where the tools came from. I found the online homedepot receipt with that charge $255.45. Moral to the story: KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS.

I was charged over $1,000 on my account, listed at this phone number, home depot GA. 800-430-3376. Calling to dispute.

This is fraud. Just called bank to cancel card.

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